into dark night ending

bright blue with feminine grace, hair curled, giving her an air watching the passage, a marvellous scent, entered the hotel, ravishing like a little bird, perfumed blonde hair, a woman, related her bedroom experiences, a continuous stream of chatter, smiled, voyage for her, when quite young, the city's circles of debauch, red-blooded, packed with fast, at the mercy of three, murder solution, grinning face of death, along waving horoscopes, what happened, beginning to reap, things be, an occult power who turned thief, yet already he was a fab, dead by the balance of a chime, when, everything, they decided to get out, the farewell murder,

find a cross section of the weirdly beautiful flower, travelling for a cultural course, utterly inexperienced, without a face, and listen, she knows something sinister about midnight, and the aftermath, a problem coping with his name, threads of dreams, nothing, the woman seated with death, a hang noose, locked in a room, dark, empty, and set him up, just out of the puzzling mystery, his own theory, the fall guy, he could not remember, he could never unravel, his women, the blonde head, silver eyes through the nocturnal, every gimmick and an ugly corpse, left nothing, and the pretty blonde, an expert on insect life, when a bomb blasted, a spectacular ending, silent, bony fingers of death,

showdown over the biggest, the ranchers desperate gamble against a howling mob, he played high, with the most dangerous partner, concerned with the opening of his childhood, a mushroom moment, whose leadership was instrumental in the capture of the New, the golden flower, the King of the Octopodes, a story of strangeness and struggle, damned new lands, wild, house of sounds, the bird of the difficult eye, an invasion of fire representing the confession of the restless dead, it’s time