Canto One

In life, our journey
I found myself in a dark wood
Easily loss process.

Well, hard to say
The wild wood, hard and heavy
I think many people are afraid to do!

A dead little sad;
but found
I talk about other things.

I do not know how the combination, he recalls saying:
In this sleep state
Changing the industry.

But for me, on the hill
If the valley is completed,
Pierced his chest,

I shoulder
Light upon the earth in the eyes
Drive straight.

Let fear
I think lake in the life
Nightgown bad.

Weary of breath
A maritime
Water hurts the eyes

So of course
He turned again to switch
This has never been true.

And some form of the body,
Again in the slope of the desert,
Yes, it has always been a man's leg that low.

The trend is about to rise,
Leopard is very light,
Applicable to the Virgin Mary;

My face, and it should not be moved:
It is so, I have so much to prohibit
Back often.

He will have time tomorrow
And "Sun is up" stars and higher
Who was the love of God and some

First conducted the most beautiful;
And investigate the possibility
Huge in caution skin

Sweet hours of the season;
Our fears, but to me
I saw a lion.

She thought,
And with famine, and he stressed
And he was seen to move in the air.

And the wolf with all desired
It seems that in the middle of a large thin
Although most people in the eye, two faces!

For me it is a lot of weight
Through the eyes of terrorism
I hope the hill.

When we
And then I lost
All the feelings of tears,

Animals agitated me
Upcoming conference, step
I reached where the sun is silent.

With the foundation,
Before my eyes, showed
Has not seen in years who are already sick.

And when I saw him in the desert,
"It is unfortunate for me," I shouted at him:
"What is your will, and in the shadow of his person."

And he said, "Nay, I,
Parents and Lombardy
All countries and Mantua.

Sub Julio but he that is born in the second half,
And: I lived in Rome under the good Augustus
And false gods.

Only one player, and the poet
Troy that Anchises
And the pride of the iliac crest.

But why these obstacles?
Why climb Mount Pleasant?
What is the cause of every joy?"

"Now, the source Maro
The televised speech of the great river"
But to evil.

"The light and glory, and other poets,
Mr. Long, the love of something big
The volume of research today.

O Lord, author mine;
If one of the I
I have the honor of beautiful ornaments.

See beast, and I turned around:
Save me from her, famous Sage,
nerves, and the hand he does consent."

"You are another way to the office"
He said he saw a child crying
"If you like" Wild in the area of the camp:

Where animals are offered,
Continues to make progress,
But prevents killing;

Cruel nature and without heart,
Never satisfy their desires,
And food is hungrier than ever.

Many cattle as these that a wife,
And Sara, but as far as that the greyhound
Who came lose, it hurts.

Do not feed, the earth itself
But wisdom, virtue, love,
And to the nation, or thy two branches.

Italy has a little life
Lady Camilla, and died
And then Euryalus, Nisus wounds recall.

Each farm had its effect, by
That shot by demons or
First, I want to either.

Soon, thinking and judging
Leader: follow me and you
And driving through an eternal place

Listen desperate
You can see the old feelings of depression
Second cry

And you see in a fair
Fire, I guess, because
Bless the people with

But what if you want to update,
Worthy that my soul;
I am going;

Above, to be king, Caesar
I am a traitor to the law "would be" the
There is a reason it is not for me, and thy cities shall not return.

Bearing all traffic
It is believed the city and in the mountains;
O happy they choose to be."

Or "Please Poet
God has no idea
So to escape the evil, and beatings

You said, where
I see the door of Peter
That is so sad. "

Then I went, and I after him.