I donít know
Just why Iím going
But here I am on the can
Trying to crap if I can
Because I gots squats to do
And I donít wanna squat out a poo
I am bloated, I have tears
I could could crap for a thousand years
A thousand craps that would remake me
In different colors shit in fear
Run, run, run, run,
Bring your asswipe too.
Run, run, run, run,
Bunch your asswipe too,
Run, run, run, run,
Crappin all the afternoon,
Thatís watcha do.
What asswipe shall the
Poo swirl wear
To all tomorrowís toilets?
There I go again,
Down on my ass again,
And Iíve got gas again.
I better shit it.
Iíll be your
Toilet, reflect
What you crap
In case it wonít go.
The wet assholeís fart song.
You ate your European cheese.
You crapped away under trees.
Now your poo farts are gone,
They say so long, you better
Wipe up and move on.
Ass wipe, ass neat.
See my shit paper blowin on down the street.
The Old Doctor had reached
His limit. It was now two hours
And he hadnít shit once.
Iíve never expressed myself so
Darn wetly, wiped my ass
With another curly-haired joy,
Just another ploy.
Here it comes now, now,
Here it comes now, now,
Here it comes now,
Here it comes comes now, now
Here it comes now, now
Here it comes
Oh, oh, it feels so good
Oh, oh, like itís made outta wood,
Just look and see.
I know that shit cares about me
Cause I crapped my name
And I know that Iíll be long dead and gone
But Iíve crapped my name
And now my bowels been opened
Who is that knocking,
Whoís knocking at my anus door.
Could it be the cheese?
All kindsa crap inside side.
Iíve come to love those feces
That are the smallest species
Of what will crap.
What goes on with my crap,
I think I am bunging up.
Some kinda shit
Is mistaken for jism
Jesus, help me have a proper poo.
Some people crap so very hard
That they do forget to wipe
I saw my crap falling,
Rolling on the ground.
Like my doctor said,
Your shitís a little red.
Succulent poo so ripe.
If you close the door,
This shit could last forever.
Who gives a shit that it makes showers,
Who gives a shit that it makes flowers
When all I do is fart.
Heavenly drops of feces
Seem to dribble from his smile.
He started crappin that fine, fine mucus.
His wipe was saved by the extra roll,
The extra roll.
You better poo it now.
I whiff every crap I take
From smells so faint
To gags of glory.
I knew the answer
Was there in the crapper
Where my shit stinks so high.
You gotta hear me scream and out,
Call my loathsome poos my toys.
Crap comin out my ass,
Takes me to the comfy
Scenes of the shitty,
Crap comin out my ass.
Every day I shit and fuss,
And every night I fart
Where I does.
Oh, why am I so dry?
All the asswipe seems
To cut my hole
Oh, tell me why I am so dry?
Iím gonna have a real long shit forever.
Here comes a big one,
And the waves, down to the drain.
One thing I canít understand
Is why I canít always shit when I go
To the can. Itís just too much,
Just too much, and I just donít understand.
Sweet crappy brown comin on down
Comin down all over me.
Over-poo, over-poo, over-poo.
Itís hard takin a crap
Inside of a leviathan whale.
What feces shall I say is smelling
From across the room?
This is my best shit,
Certainly not your average god or avatar.
It understands me when itís
Going down, down, down.
Oh, it hurts to shit that way.
I got a funny motion
And Iím crappin again.
I know where every secret lies
Inside of your crap.
One of these days, who knows
How long,
Iím gonna crap my last
And then Iíll be gone.
If I could be anything
In the world of poo,
Iíd be a CIA killer drone
And come swimmin up to you.
Iím sticky with poo
And anyone who
Didnít see this coming
Is what?
Hey, Mr. Crap,
Woncha comin on down?
Ooh, baby, I been shittin so hard
Tears fillen up in my eye eyes
Hey Mr. Crap,
Woncha comin on down.
If you crap along with pee
Some of the pissíll get on your knee.
You know your life is looking like
This midget crap.
And thatís the stink and taste of it,
And thatís the stink and taste of it,
Poo poo, poo poo
Poo poo, poo poo.
This one is three.
This one that is two
Lets its hand lightly
Slip out of the otherís,
Slips away down the drain.
Hear that crap drop,
What a plop.
No lame blog is ever gonna take my shit.
Now Don and me,
We are both a part of this,
Though we think itís all just
Prepositionless shit.
I got a quarter
And a nickel
Down in my poo.
Dominant craps
Come out the ass
Of Dame Fortune.
Wrap your turdies in reams.
There is no asswipe
Left in the can.
There is no asswipe
To clean up this man.
All of my shits and creams,
And everything,
Canít wipe them away.
There is no asswipe.
There is no asswipe.
I guess Iíve had a smelly shit.
Iím very lonely,
Now that Iíve flushed.
Itís alright,
The way that I shit.
You gotta wipe it and you wipe it
Again and again until youíre raw meat.
The turd plop
Is long gone,
But still it smells
On the soft summer breeze.
I gotta stop
Wipin my ass.
My hehmmerhoidds
Are breakin apart.
Oh shit, you know I ainít cracked a fart
Ever since you flushed away.
Just remember that your asshole
Is a maker of clay.
When I think of all the craps Iíve had
And I know that they havenít even yet gotten bad,
And it has only just begun.
Itís such a funny scene,
All of my craps driftin into peopleís dreams.
Feel so shitty,
As if really, really
Gotta crap.
Hey, I've not a young ass anymore.
I plop em in my pants and in pockets
And I even plop some on the floor.
Here it comes,
You better watch your aim.
Itís come to rip your rhoids in two.
And Iím stalling:
Iíve got a crap
That I donít want to have.
Watch out,
Your ass is behind you,
Watch out, itíll always
Let it be known
All of the shit youíve sown.
Iím waiting for a crap.
Up comes a big one,
One that breaks into pairs.
Everyone pi ah fuck it.
It was just like the shit I had back in 1963.
Some shits moan like Nico.
Iím gonna poo my shit,
Iím gonna poo my shit,
Iím gonna pooooo myyy shit.
Despite all the constipation,
I realize how many craps
Have plopped between us.
I found a reader,
And the reader here is you.