they could all fit, one
curve inside the other
and so on down,
Ukrainian shit dolls.

They smell like
A ditch’s rotten
Frog spawn breath.

a desert adder
attacks an armadillo,
an Australian bushmaster
an anteater. The animal
also looks like a semi-colon.
Hey! When I flush, the whole
thing is one piece, goes
down the drain oscillating
like an accordion, an earthquaked
bridge. Maybe that’s why Marty
Balin says “armadillo” on
“The House at Pooneil Corners”
(a place where one could go).

starts out as a bobblehead
(where’s that current coming from?!)
Meso-American god, ends
up as a hermit crab down
deep, feeding on the ripped
up remains of a larger seagull
mangled crab. smells like
cassoulet. Advil again.
10 minute later

forgot to flush.
now it just looks
like intestines. Advil
for sinus headaches.

20 minutes later

one little speck
left. looks like
a long distance
shot of a UFO,
you know, the one
you’ve all seen, you
know, the one both
gray and vivid, you
know, visceral.

Dr. Kedrick James is
Having an insidious
Influence on this
Poem at this point,
Perhaps through
A rhizomatic tube.
I thought I was
The Old Doctor,
But it appears
I’m just another mark.
And what of the sneaky
Reverend Michael Roth?