Dec 5/11

seriously, no shit

9:00 am

the Michelin man
dismembered. when
I jumped up
to look, one bright tablet
of yellow orange juice
piss dotted the toilet
seat. before this shit,
into my snotrag I blew
out a representation
of the Tetragrammaton

9:05 am

The next one comes
out soundless and
with a feeling of
quick and gone
bulge. It rings
above the drain hole in a
curl, a cross
between a lamprey
and a fetal shark,
a horseshoe for
a creature from
another galaxy
far, far away.
The Star and the
Emperor switch.

9:10 am

curls in the bottom
the center of the
Milky Way. thatís
right, itís squat
and dead lift day.

10:17 am

the kind of twisty
sculpture you see
in front of galleries
or banks. kind of stinks.

11:35 am

the four-dimensional
corkscrew path of an
exotic particle. then
itís an extinct undersea
reptile going to sleep,
one piece broken off
perpendicular to its
spine, one piece that
looks forward, perhaps,
to new space and long time

12:18 pm

Hey, look at that: an
ampersand (with a
parenthetical chaser).
Then it morphs into
the form of the alien
that latches onto your face

12:23-25 pm

another aleph, another
fool, quickly, slowly,
thoroughly buried in shit
from the anus faucet

1:04 pm

a buncha little socks
for Barbie, Ken, and G.I. Joe.
pretty slimy. burns a bit.